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Oddness, Eccentricity, and Schizotypal Personality Disorder


People with schizotypal personality disorder are often described as odd or eccentric by the people around them. They have few – if any – close relationships, but most often than not, they prefer being alone or engaging in activities they can do by themselves. People with SPD tend to misinterpret people’s motivations and behaviors, which causes them to develop significant distrust towards others.

Some of the common symptoms SPD patients at New Hope Health Services display are:

  • Unusual thinking, beliefs, and mannerisms
  • Suspicious or paranoid thoughts towards the loyalty of others
  • Beliefs in special powers, such as telepathy or telekinesis
  • Peculiar, vague, or unusual patterns of speaking
  • Odd fashion styles and ways of dressing

Families who refer their loved ones to Behavioral Health Services in DC often confuse schizotypal disorders with schizophrenia. While it’s true that they have some similar symptoms, like psychotic episodes like delusions or hallucinations, these episodes are not as frequent or intense as schizophrenia.

So, when is it time to seek Mental Health Service in Washington, DC? If you notice that these behaviors are starting to harm your loved one in any way, be it poor work/school performance, hygiene negligence, or the inability to form and maintain healthy relationships – you should gently advise your loved one to meet an expert at mental health rehabilitation.

It is never too late to seek the help you need. Contact us now for more details. Our response will be with you shortly.

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