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Dealing with Denial of Mental Health Problems

Dealing with Denial of Mental Health Problems

The stigma associated with having mental health issues is still prevalent in our society today. Despite help being readily and easily accessible to everyone, there are still those who refuse to avail of mental health service in Washington, DC simply because they’re ashamed of what other people may think of them.

Being in denial of one’s mental health issues, such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, or eating disorders, is detrimental to their health. If you’re dealing with someone who is in denial of their condition, you should note that they do believe that they’re not sick and do not have any symptoms—even if you confront them with evidence that they do.

Here are some signs that someone is in denial of their problems and may need mental health rehabilitation:

  • Rationalizing their problems and actions
  • Blaming other people for their behavioral issues
  • Pretending to be compliant or being too agreeable
  • Overwhelmed with the feeling of hopelessness
  • Choosing to bottle up their issues on their own

If you know of someone who might be hiding and denying their mental health problems, take a moment to talk to them and make them understand that they need help. Expect their anger and frustration, but don’t leave them to fend on their own and let them feel you’re there for them.

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