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Learn About the Histrionic Personality Disorder


The Histrionic Personality Disorder is one of the groups of PDs called “dramatic personality disorders”. This is because people with these types of disorders have really intense and unstable emotions, coupled with a distorted self-image. Their self-esteem solely depends on the approval of others and does not come from a true feeling of self-worth. People with this disorder will do almost anything just to get attention, which results in them behaving inappropriately just to be noticed.

People with histrionic personality disorder rarely think that there’s something wrong with how they respond to and process information. However, they may seek out Mental Health Service in Washington, DC, if other mental health issues, such as depression, become threats.

If you think someone has this type of personality disorder, you may want to gently encourage them to seek out Behavioral Health Services in DC or at least speak to a registered counselor. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s worth a try.

There’s no “magic pill” to cure histrionic personality disorders. However, mental health rehabilitation could aid in improving how they interact with others around them.

Learning about mental illness helps give more clarity about the illnesses and disorders, as well as what the people with these disorders go through every day. Explore the world of mental health. Make sure to follow New Hope Health Services on all our social media for more tidbits!

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