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What Should I Do When My Loved One Refuses to Get Help?

What Should I Do When My Loved One Refuses to Get Help?

Is your loved one refusing to get mental health rehabilitation? There are numerous reasons why they would do so.

However, as a provider of mental health service in Washington, DC, we believe that getting professional help for your loved one’s condition would improve their well-being for the long term.

Here’s what we suggest you can do to help your loved one on their road to recovery:

  • Learn more about their mental illness
    Being more informed about your loved one’s medical condition makes it a bit easier to cope with what they are experiencing themselves. Now that there are many organizations that provide more information about mental illness, you can browse through articles on the Internet or books.
  • Talk to your loved one about your concerns
    Let your loved one know that you are concerned about their well-being and suggest that they get they should help that they need. Sometimes, it’s best that you’re honest about the situation that you see, especially when the symptoms are becoming worse over time. By then, they’ll be able to open up to you about what they’re going through, giving them the outlet to express what they have been bottling up inside.
  • Accompany them as they go to their sessions
    During their first sessions in therapy, accompany your loved one to the therapist. Of course, you can wait outside while they are having one-on-one sessions. However, having you there to support them will make them feel like they are not alone in their battle.

New Hope Health Services provides mental health services for individuals in need of professional help in improving their mental well-being. We also offer behavioral health services in DC.

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