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5 Ways You Can Overcome the Stigma about Mental Health

5 Ways You Can Overcome the Stigma about Mental Health

Mental health issues are considered as real medical illnesses that require real treatments. Still, there remains to be a negative stereotype about it. This article will teach you how you combat the stigma.

  1. Negate Negativity

    You are not your illness. Rather than identifying yourself with it by saying “I’m bipolar.” or “I’m an addict.”, say, “I have bipolar disorder.” or “I have an addiction problem.” instead. This small step will help you realize that you can change and that you definitely will get better.

  2. Avoid Isolation

    It’s understandable for you to feel reluctant to tell someone about what you’re going through. However, you shouldn’t shut yourself out of the loop completely. Your friends and family care for you and it’s alright to share the burden. Still, if you find yourself uncomfortable about discussing your mental health issues with them, you can always get help from New Hope Health Services.

  3. Speak Out

    Think about expressing your emotions and opinions. You can do so by writing to editors or joining forums on the internet. This will not only help you rid yourself of reservations, but it will also encourage others to stand strong amidst the adversities that they may be facing in real life.

  4. Join a Support Group

    Reach out and get connected. There are usually local programs in your community that can offer support. As mentioned before, you can also participate in online forums and talk with other people who are going through the same things as you.

  5. Get Treatment

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting the help that you need. Think of mental health rehabilitation as something similar to getting physical therapy after suffering from a bone fracture. It will help you heal, understand yourself, and realize your full potential.

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