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Helping Domestic Violence Victims Cope with Trauma


A home is a place where you should be safest – and your family is supposed to be your primary source of protection. But sadly, this is not the case for many. It is not new to us that there are people who experience abuse from their partners. And also children who receive a beating from their parents.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence or NCADV fact sheet, about 20 people experience abuse from an intimate partner every minute – which is equivalent to 10 million per year.

What can providers of mental health service in Washington, DC do to help victims of domestic abuse?

  • Do not judge them.
    Never blame them for their bad experiences. No one deserves maltreatment, abuse, and violence.
  • Take time to listen.
    Let them confide with you all their suffering and pains.
  • Respect their decisions.
    Let them make their choices and take time and patience to know their response to treatment.
  • Be their support system.
    Make them believe they have good qualities and strengths – that they can overcome their fears and challenges in time. Urge them to work with you hand-in-hand and let them know that they are safe with you.

There is always a way to recover. Physical pain may heal sooner, but mental health rehabilitation might be a long process. So these people need help – from other family members, friends, the community, and organizations or agencies like New Hope Health Services, who are willing to embrace them till they heal.

If you know someone who needs professional help, you can encourage them to undergo behavioral health services in DC. You can save someone from depression and mental health issues if you act s

Refer them to New Hope Health Services now.

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