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Spotting Hidden Signs of Depression in Loved Ones

Spotting Hidden Signs of Depression in Loved Ones

Most people suffering from depression are often uncomfortable reaching out to their loved ones about what they’re going through. So they keep it to themselves and refuse to seek help, denying themselves the comfort they could receive from their loved ones, as well as the chance of recovering through mental health rehabilitation. As a result of their self-imposed emotional isolation, healing becomes difficult and they become more depressed.

Depression is a silent killer. People suffering from it have high chances of doing self-harm, or worse, suicide. Learn to spot depression symptoms in your loved ones before they reach that point so you can comfort them and help them heal. Here are some hidden signs that your loved one may be suffering from depression:

  • Their sleeping habits have changed. They sleep less, or oversleep, or don’t sleep at all.
  • They express no interest or care about the things they were previously passionate about.
  • They lose or gain an abnormal amount of weight in a short amount of time.
  • They’re always in a dejected or irritable mood.
  • They complain about physical pain or show symptoms of various health disorders.

When you see these symptoms in your loved ones, gently approach them and ask how they are truly doing. Don’t force them to open up to you though, because this might cause them to isolate themselves even more. Instead, tell them how much you care for them and ask them to consider getting professional help.

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